Marketing-The More you know, The more it gets simpler

Is It Puzzle or the Ultimate Solution ?

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.” — Elon Musk, Co-Founder & CEO, SpaceX

Hello Folks, In This article I am going to talk about the real meaning of marketing, Evolution of Marketing and Pillars on which it stands, the ultimate marketing funnel which is one stop solution to Marketing if understood correctly and the Finally will be taking you through the importance and the Role of Personal branding and how any personal brand evolves.

The Law of marketing is more based on science then on creativity. It is perfect combination of science and art, Marketing is not a Race of reaching an Ultimate Target but is more about the process of evolving and a wat to reach to your desired set of customers. Many companies have forgotten they sell to actual people. Humans care about the entire experience, not just the marketing or sales or service. To really win in the modern age, you must solve for human.

Marketing starts much before creating product and to be more precise marketing is not all about product or the service but is more about understanding the customers and knowing their wants and then ultimately fulfilling those wants by product or services. Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like. Imagine If you are just sticked to an product or service which doesn’t excites your tribe or targeted customers, ultimately results are going to be against you, not because your idea or product is not great but solely because you where not able understand your customers requirements and needs. Many world famous books not Claim of having the World’s best content but they claim about being World’s bestselling book and those sales where nothing but output of fulfilling the corners and needful desires of their customers with the content which their targeted customers wanted not the content which was supreme and general for all.

Many people misunderstands the term Marketing and they focused on making the transaction done but believe me such Techniques or Targets makes you not less than employee of any company because the real meaning of marketing is about building a relationship, building a tribe where everyone whom you serve feels important and not just medium for you to convert your product or services into cash.

To relate better, many times you might find in your vicinity that some people( business mans) are famous for their behaviour, their product doesn’t sells because they are superior then others but because customers gets attracted towards the trust and importance which is given to them by visiting their shops and biggest myth which now a days people are or can have is that when they are having business with digital footprints then converting sales is much more important than building relation and brand but ultimate truth is digital way of business demands much more trust and Strong relation more then ever. Real Aim of marketing is to make sales flawless, where you just focus on building brand and fulfilling the needs of your targeted segments and money targets keeps on meeting simultaneously as by product.

Is it actually important to learn marketing and its fundaments?

You might me be thinking that why is it important to learn marketing when your product or your services have strength to attract your customers automatically then why there is need of you to reach their thought process, well because product today or tomorrow is going be takenover by some way or other because person as customer is all in search for maximum utility and the day when customer felt that there is some other product which can satisfy his wants with minimum requirements can be the day when marketing can be the only survival.

Since marketing is something with infinite life as it is all about the human psychology and perception so unless there are no humans on this planets, there is least chance that the concept of marketing can be vanished because if human exists they are going to fight for the survival and which will ultimately led to competition and only solution of competition is marketing and the same time It is very important for founder or owner of product or service to know marketing, because no matter how hard you try you will never be able to outsource the marketing of your business completely because no matter what remember one thing “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” — Beth Comstock

The two major pillars — Communication skills and Economics are the backbone of marketing, these are something on which marketing stand and It is very important for every marketer to well verse with both.

Good marketing is all about communication skills, as it is only weapon which good marketer can hold uniquely. Communication is never about being good with any particular language, no doubt sometimes it may work a bit extra for you if you interact in your customer’s language but communication is ultimately about planting of your thoughts and wants in your customers mind.

Economics are the eyes of marketing, Person who can see and predict where economy is going to turn has already way ahead of other as they will be ready with all techniques and strategies which future is going to demand for. Understanding economics helps you to understand business, the better you understand economics the better you have clarity with simplicity about the approach you can have for your business for coming months or years. It is said that Countries economy is as Excited as average age of that country and presently India’s average age is 26 years as compared to other develop nations like Japan with 48 years, by this only we can understand what India holds for the future.

Do you really know who you targeting while marketing or are you just hitting the arrow in the blind spot?

Just to give you an idea and a food for thought, let me brief you you about some Population distribution on basis of standard of Living, The whole India is nothing but divided in three bunch Population on the basis of per capita income and Majority of marketing targets are for the First bunch of Population which is majorly concentrated in top 10 cities of India, To give you an Idea with figures, the First bunch are around 23 Million Homes with an average of 5 people per home and almost 20–25 Millions are online shoppers so basically the targeted customer are those 30–35 Million people and we can recognise them with simple fact that they are mainly among those who can speak or understand English. Though this is Lengthy topic to dwell upon which you if if interests you and please feel free to do some research and read some amazing blogs regarding the division of India on bias of per capita Income. But it is very important for you to get clarity to who you are targeting.

So by now you might have understood how important it is to know marketing and its fundamentals. To keep discussion rolling I would like to introduce you with Marketing funnel, a concept whose beauty lies in being an short abbreviated form but yet an ultimate backbone of marketing. Many people know what marketing is but are not aware of how exactly marketing creates or lead to creation of wealth and If you one of those the next para is especially for you.

The concept of Marketing Funnel directly links marketing with and the following are brief introductions of those abbreviations :

  1. n is Niche selection, nothing but the heart of Marketing.
  2. C stands forContent and marketing is as strong as his content, person can forget who wrote to whom but a never forgets the content if he gets attached to the one.
  3. A stands for Attention, Even Worst movie can be biggest hit or even stone can be god if he gets attention, anything you do all comes to question that do you have traffic to your content, are you being able to get recognise. Usually People think that Attention is something which can’t be created but today resources like SEO, Social Medias, Referrals etc. are far more capable enough to get traffic then ever before
  4. T means Trust, Build Trust with your audience and Because this is only factor which is going to make that customer to come to you again n again because Even though that first transaction of yours with your Customers might be fluke but If deal or brand didn’t had the trust to build up, They can’t survive longer.
  5. T finally is Transaction, this can more of an by product of Personal brand and relationships and you can’t force Transactions to happen so better to just convert your leads into customers with Natural Sales Method.

After Reading so much, there might be thought which would have crossed your mind that Marketing is so much to learn and there are n number of different sections to deep into but to stop such myth to make his place in your mind forever, let me briefly introduce you with an simple concept of Integrated marketing, Which introduced to thought that all the above things are interlinked and nothing is separated, the perfect picture which can explain you the Integrated marketing is following :

The harsh and best truth of marketing is that people don’t like to interact with product or company or brands, they believe in the people and they always want hear from people not from the brands the personal brand which can’t be created by any tool or magic except with consistent efforts toward building trust among your tribes.

Best known will always beat the beast”, Personal Branding is an catalyst to your reaction.

To make you understand the Ultimate Personal Branding and its evolution, I will finally like you to introduce to the last part of this article which is all about the evolution of Personal Brand: The loop which intially starts as like

  1. Learn Skill- by understanding , Remembering and Practising
  2. Work- Implement that skill in your real world either by working under some one or doing some projects independently
  3. blog-Write about the Learning and work experience, which will ultimately make you able to consolidate you skill
  4. Consult- Strategies for other, this will make your skill sharpen and will introduce you to all possible scenarios.
  5. Mentor- The best way to keep the skill alive and Master some skill is by Teaching it to others
  6. Start-up- Finally execute the skill and synergies the experience with all learnings

Finally to conclude, I personally feel marketing is one of most essential skill which every person who either wants to grow his business or start his business of any kind should own and by owning means to be well Learned Marketer, which is possible by knowing the fundamentals of markets, being well verse with two pillar of market- Economy and communication skills, To be able to understand the Marketing funnel via CATT and ultimately leading to goal of creating personal brand , around which whole market and business evolves. Though this article introduces you with all of the following but it is essential to know each n every element of the marketing funnel , Personal brand and fundamental in much more details and elaborated manner for which I will coming with some detailed guided articles.

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