Interview with Bhanwar borana of BBVirtuals Acadamey to provide Income Tax Education

Bhanwar is a CA by professional and one of the leading faculty in CA Education for providing Income Tax in easiest manner possible. He has been in this field for more than 15 years now.  In his free time, he prefers singing and reading over anything else.

Welcome Bhanwar Sir ! 

Please sir share with us how all this started ?

I started my journey of education from very small village named Jhalawar near Kota, Rajasthan. After 12th  I started with My CA journey and never thought would be a teacher but as said somethings are to happen as magic and for me income tax was one of them. It was later, when I realised that I love discussing Taxes and legal ways of saving taxes with my friends and most importantly there was point when I realised that I am good at explaing things as well and then it lead to slowly n steadily creation of BB Virtauls, one of the leading Income tax literarcy platform.

If someone wants to start something as you did what’s the best way to start? 

honeslty there is neither one way nor many just be very honest to your calling about what you are good at as I personally not agree with saying that Universe gives you hint just once in while but I personally believe that Universe calling keeps on increase unless you listen and ignore. so hardly there is chance of you missing out what you actually want to miss out from you.

How was your CA Journey ?

Pretty good, one of best phase of my life as CA not only gives knowledge but also lessons you about the importance of hustle in life as it is one hardest financial litrarcy course so far in India which covers every aspects of being financially sound from accounts, taxes, laws and personal finance.

 What are your three favourite books 

  • Bhagwad geeta
  • Rich dad and poor dad and
  • The Alchemist

How would you define importance of failure in any career? 

Depends how much you learn from it as failure is real failure if person doesnt learns anything from it and simply keeps on making same blunder.

What is your biggest dream in life? 

My biggest dream to keep make 100000 CAs and to happily enjoy life.

Lastly, would you like to put message for our readers? 

Things might be dark as jungle when you start something but remember tourch is always inside you as you keeping moving forward you will see path to take steps to move forward and this process continuous so important to move forward not to run or stop.

Thank you for your valuable time. 

Thank You for invitation.

 Regards , 

Pratik Maheshwari

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